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Values and the Creation of Life Goals - How to Find Your Path

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

What do you value?

What do you want to do?

What brings you joy?

Step One:

The following list of values can help you determine your core values. Write down, highlight, or circle any of the values on the list that resonate with you. Don’t overthink this exercise. Just choose words that make you feel something or that your mind is attracted to. If you think of values that are not on the list, feel free to add them. The goal is to write down the things you value, the things that are important to you and that make you happy.

Step Two:

Take all of the values that you have chosen and group them into like categories. You can only have five categories, so choose the values that are the most important to you. Put them into the list in a way that makes sense to you.

Step Three:

Create a goal for each of these categories. Each goal is specific and attainable and something you can put in a general time frame. This is a great exercise to start a five year plan with!


I will buy a bigger sailboat, and sail Lake Michigan in the summer and around the Caribbean in the late winter.

I will continue to develop as a therapist and deepen and share my understanding of holistic health, helping others follow a ‘Zennish’ path, finding balance and harmony between myself and the bigger whole.

I will make time for my family and my life partner. Along with my personal growth they are my priority and all of the other details of life need to ebb and flow around my priorities.

It is time to downsize and let go. I will let go of all of the tangible and intangible things that I no longer need or find useful and in doing so I will create more space in my life. I will spend more time in nature then indoors and more time experiencing the world then I do in my own head. I will exist in the space I create and enjoy the impermanence of life as I let go of all that I do not need.

I will be financially secure and be able to generate income that allows me to live my most authentic life without trading my time for money. I will work for myself, directing my life energy into my own dreams of making the world a better place sharing peace, awareness and compassion with others.

You can also condense these into shortened mantras:

  • I will sail towards adventure.

  • I will experience harmony and balance in my mind body and soul.

  • I will find joy with my family and life partner.

  • I will let go of all of the things I no longer need.

  • I will ensure my own financial freedom.

Or you could make these more specific and put them into a five year timeline. Whatever floats your boat.

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