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My name is Jess/Jessica, but I often go by my last name as well (Beattie). I’m an autistic therapist who works most often with other young adults on the spectrum, as well as teens, with an emphasis on expanding on and validating the adult female presentation of autism. Though autism is my personal area of expertise, I am passionate about, and have experience with all areas of the neurodiverse spectrum. My goal is to provide you with a safe space to be unapologetically yourself. I myself don’t believe in social expectations simply for the sake of following tradition, so if you’re looking for a clinician who you can connect to on a personal level, without the formalities and frills of “traditional therapy” styles- I’m here for you.

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Jessica Beattie, LLMSW


Like the other clinicians on staff, I take a neurodiversity affirming approach to therapy. I strive to meet clients where they are in life, without judgment or assumption. I believe that neurodiversity is a wonderfully beautiful and complicated asset in our lives, as well as a struggle when living in a neurotypical society. My goal is not only to validate you and your unique experience, but to support you in changing the world around us to fit YOUR needs.

I enjoy working with clients not only on the autism and ADHD spectrums, but also those who have or are currently experiencing trauma, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, anxiety, and depression. Being neurodiverse often means experiencing more than one of these, which is why I strive to serve an array of individuals.

As a clinician who prides herself on flexibility, I apply several different modalities including motivational interviewing, CBT, psychoeducation, DBT, mindfulness, strengths based, and trauma informed approaches. My aim is to support your specific needs; therefore my treatment modalities will always be guided by your needs and preferences

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