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Cost of Therapy

The cost of therapy varies per provider. We will bill BCBS, BCN, Cigna, Priority Health, ASR, Optum, United, Aetna, MacLaren, Molina, Lyra or Medicare directly for you. You may have a copay, which means that your insurance may expect you to pay a set amount for each therapy session. You might also have a deductible which means that your insurance will pay for medical/mental health expenses after you have paid for a set amount out of pocket or by using your health savings account.  Most insurance plans pay for telehealth services. It is always advisable to check with your insurance provider to determine what expenses you will be liable for if any.  All copays are due the day of your appointment and can be paid online. You can use the following form to contact your insurance company to know your expenses ahead of time. 


* Please call or text Katrina with any insurance questions that you have. 

What to Expect in Therapy

Therapy is about you experiencing a connection with your therapist, about feeling safe enough to share your story. Your therapist will help you to create goals for therapy, which may include processing difficult life events, reducing life stressors, enhancing your coping strategies, processing grief, reducing anxiety, improving relationships, exploring or discovering your authentic life path, reconnecting with yourself, etc.

It is okay to laugh in therapy, it is okay to cry in therapy. It is okay to take off whatever mask you might be wearing and simply be yourself. 


Each session lasts 50 to 55 minutes.  

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