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My name is Amy and I am an autistic/ADHD (AuDHD)  therapist. I am neurodiversity-affirming, meaning that I recognize the validity and worth of all neurotypes. I specialize in working with neurodivergency;  Autism, ADHD, OCD, PDA Anxiety, PTSD, and also in providing support for LGBTQIA community members.  I started Heartstone Guidance Center to help provide a safe space in this world for neurodivergent  clients and therapists alike. 

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Amy Duffy-Barnes, LMSW

She/Hers They/Them

Clinical Therapist

I am a licensed clinical therapist with 17 years of experience, offering online and in-person psychotherapy services.  My goal as a therapist is to offer compassionate support and evidence-based therapy techniques. I  take a mindful and balanced approach to both life and therapy and I respect other people's life paths.


I am neurodivergent and neurodiversity-affirming and I uphold the neurodiversity paradigm which views people being neurodivergent as naturally occurring variants in human neurology. You have a neurotype just like you have a race, a gender, and sexuality, and just like your gender, race, or sexuality, there isn't a wrong way to be. We are who we are and we all deserve acceptance and the space to exist in this world.  This also means we don't need to be cured, we don't need anyone to speak for us, etc. The neurodiversity paradigm asserts that it isn't okay for people, organizations, or institutions to discriminate against neurodivergent people or try to uphold neurotypical language, behaviors, and way of being in the world as being the only acceptable norms.


I specialize in helping people find and embrace their neurodivergent identities. I can help you find the coping strategies and the tools you need to live in an ever-changing world. I think we were all hoping for a return to normal after living through a series of globally traumatic events together. But that clearly isn't going to happen, I tend to be a balanced realist and I will do my best to help you find your balance in this crazy world. 


I work with adolescents and adults, but have experience working with children and will consider younger clients on a case-by-case basis. I am happy to help advocate for you or your child in school, the workplace, or other institutional settings. 

 I am an active and involved therapist.  I tend to practice a little on the 'zennish' side. I am trained in EMDR, traditional psychotherapy, IFS (internal family systems, meditation mindfulness, trauma-informed CBT, DBT, strength-based, and somatic therapy. 

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