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The Earth will keep you safe - A Gentle Meditation and Calming Exercise for Kids and Adults

Updated: May 17, 2023

  • Lie on the floor or the ground.

  • Think about the ground underneath you, you are lying on the earth.

  • Feel the earth gently holding you.

  • The earth has always been there, since the beginning of time.

  • The earth will always be there, it is eternal.

  • The earth gives you so many gifts; air, water, food, animals, flowers, trees, and wind.

  • Say out loud or in your head "The earth will keep me safe".

  • Feel the heaviness as gravity gently pulls you down, holding you to the earth, and keeping you safe.

  • Take a deep breath of air. Slowly count to 5 as you breathe in. Feel the air filling your lungs.

  • The earth is breathing with you, filling your lungs with air. e

  • Gently release the air back to the earth and count to five again.

  • The earth is kind and gentle, the earth is safe. The earth is breathing with you.

  • Breathe in and count to five, feel the earth breathing in with you.

  • Breathe out slowly and count to five as the earth breaths out with you.

  • Breathe out your sadness, breathe out your worries.

  • Breathe in again, count to five, breathing in the safe calm air of the earth.

  • Keep breathing safely with the earth.

When your body feels calm answer the following questions.

  • I trust the earth to______________________________________________________

  • I trust my body to______________________________________________________

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