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My name is AC and I’m a kind-hearted person and a compassionate therapist who will affirm and support you in your goals.
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AC Cluley, LLMSW



Clinical Therapist

Welcome to a safe and inclusive space for individuals navigating the complexities of neurodiversity, particularly ADHD and Autism. As a neurodivergent therapist myself, I understand firsthand the unique challenges and strengths associated with these experiences.

My practice is rooted in a deep commitment to serving all individuals, especially those who may feel marginalized within a neurotypical society. Whether you identify as queer or simply struggle to find your place in conventional settings, you are welcome here.

I specialize in blending evidence-based approaches with holistic modalities to provide comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs. Drawing from trauma-informed cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, play therapy, writing, art therapy, sound therapy, and internal family systems, I offer a diverse toolkit to facilitate healing and growth.

Nature plays a central role in my therapeutic philosophy, as I believe in its profound ability to nurture and restore. Through our work together, we may explore ways to connect with the natural world as a source of solace and inspiration.

In recognition of the diverse communities I serve, I am pleased to offer sessions online/virtually for your convenience. Additionally, I am fluent in both English and Spanish to ensure effective communication and accessibility for all.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, I invite you to take the first step toward healing. Together, we can navigate life's challenges with compassion, resilience, and authenticity.



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