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Rage against the Dimming of Our Light An Ode to the Neurodivergent

Do not retreat forever into bright and gentle minds,

resist the urge to stay hidden in safer space.

By following our minds' swirling paths, we can create

a world outside of polite societies crushing race.

Though others seek to mold us to their form,

To blend our colors into muted grey,

We shall not yield to any crushing norms,

but shine with hues too bright to normalize away.

Wild minds that chase the winds of fleeting thoughts,

And hearts that beat in unique rhythms all their own,

must banish the shame of 'shoulds' and 'oughts',

and never let self be vanquished to atone.

Fierce souls persist, though social constructs are so tight,

Rage, rage against the attempted dimming of your light.

We will not retreat silently into this dark night,

and our voices will echo throughout the years.

For in our words and deeds, we will write

our authentic stories, transcending all doubts and fears.

And though the world may reject our maskless faces

and the minds that blaze like stars against the dark,

we must fiercely dance at our own paces

so that the path we make, will be clearly marked.

Rage, rage against the extinguishing of our light,

ignore their norms and shine radiantly and bright.

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