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When you’re neurodivergent, life can feel like a constant struggle to find belonging and keep up in a world that provides very little support or empathy. It can feel like a never-ending performance just to get by and survive another day. Being neurodivergent myself, I know that finding a safe, non-judgmental, and validating space to process things with someone who sees and gets you can be life-changing. I strive to create that kind of space as the foundation for our work together and I believe in meeting you wherever you’re at in your journey.

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Larissa Myers, LLMSW

Clinical Therapist

I also believe you are your own personal expert on yourself, so I center your voice and your priorities in the therapeutic process while gently sharing insights that may help you make sense of things and facilitate your healing and growth. I take a non-pathologizing, trauma-informed, and neurodivergent-affirming approach, meaning I believe there is nothing “wrong” with you. Life is tough (especially under capitalism) and many of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are completely normal responses to our current circumstances. I can support you in coping with the often harsh reality of living in our society and making the changes you want to make in your life, while honoring your unique strengths and personal values.


Therapy is not one-size-fits-all so what we do in session varies from person to person. However, I often draw from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), somatic (body-based) techniques, art therapy, narrative therapy, mindfulness, attachment theory, nature therapy, and parts work. I am always happy to adjust things and pivot as needed. Let’s collaborate in finding what works best for you!

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