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My name is Amy and I am an autistic therapist. I am neurodiveristy affirming, meaning that I recognize the validity and worth of all neurotypes. I specialize in working with neurodivergency, Autism, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Trauma, and providing support for LGBTQIA community members.  I tend to practice a little bit on the 'zennish' side.

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Amy Duffy-Barnes, LMSW

She/Hers They/Them
Owner, Clinical Therapist

Amy is a licensed clinical therapist offering online and in-person psychotherapy services.  Her goal as a therapist is to offer compassionate support and evidence-based therapy techniques.  She takes a mindful and balanced approach to both life and therapy and she respects other people's life paths.


She is neurodiversity affirming and upholds the neurodiversity paradigm which views conditions such as autism and attention deficits as naturally occurring variants in human neurology. Neurodiversity de-stigmatizes and de-pathologizes cognitive differences. Instead of seeking to make a person more "normal," it is accepting of people's differences, helping them know themselves, communicate their needs, and identify and request the accommodations they need.


She enjoys working with Neurodivergency, ADHD and Autism communities, the LGBTQIA+ community, clients experiencing trauma, anxiety, OCD, or perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. She is an active and involved therapist, with the knowledge and experience to help people create change and balance in their lives. 

Amy is a trained EMDR Therapist who also utilizes traditional psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Meditation and Mindfulness, person centered therapy, CBT, DBT, strength based and trauma focused therapys. 

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