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Autism is a Superpower

This link will take you to our Autism page. We are compiling all things Autism to provide you with some of our favorite Autism resources. 


OCD Strengths and Challenges

This link will take you to resources that will help you work with the strengths and challenges of OCD.

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LGBTQIA Resources

Resources for families and our LGBTQIA community members. 

Pride Parade

Rocking Your ADHD

This link takes you to our ADHD resources. 

Young Dancers

PDA and Autistic Autonomy

This link will help you explore and provide you with Pathological Demand Avoidance resources. A better term for PDA might be Pervasive Drive for Autonomy.

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Trauma, Anxiety and Depression Resources - Surviving the World

This link is for trauma and PTSD resources, there are also strategies that can help with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression

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